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Whether you choose therapeutic massage, relaxation massage or heated stone massage, you will find the experience relaxing and healing.  Therapeutic massage is especially helpful for those who experience low back, neck or shoulder pain.


Reiki is a noninvasive, life force energy healing modality that originated in Japan.  Reiki clients are fully clothed during the session.  The positive Reiki energy facilitates relaxation and energy balancing which allows the body to heal itself.

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is widely used by athletes visualizing their optimal performance, surgeons learning new skills, patients dealing with pain or coming back from injury and anyone who wants to relax and enjoy well being.

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Interested in Cupping?

Massage cupping is a hot topic in the media right now because of Michael Phelps' round bruising at the Olympics. I've been using cupping for several years to improve circulation and the condition of myofascial tissue. I just took a new class on cupping this weekend and learned about cupping used with stretching as well as focused neck cupping with the client laying on their side. The cupping can be intense, but it also feels wonderful. Schedule your massage session and let me know that you want to include cupping in the treatment!


What is the buzz about Fasciablasting?

Athletes, celebrities and everyday people have been raving about the fasciablaster. It is so popular that the smaller version of the tool is sold out, and you need to get on a waiting list to even be considered to be allowed to buy one. I've been using the fasciablaster for about a month and have been amazed at it's ability to open up bound up areas. But its real popularity is for its use to get rid of cellulite and help with weight loss. If this interests you, check out the blog post below. Notice that Ashley Black reports that the fasciablaster "pops" fat cells. While I don't think that is the true dynamic, it certainly increases circulation. This may be an important aspect of weight loss. Many, many users of this tool are convinced that it helps them lose weight.

Fasciablasting to smooth out the back

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A Healing Touch Massage & Reiki is open the day after Thanksgiving, November 27th.  If you or a loved one wants to get some extra relaxation over the holidays, contact me, Shari Stevens for an appointment.   319-341-7144 icmassage@msn.com


Why Stretch After Massage

  Why does your massage therapist tell you to do stretches at home?  There are a couple of reasons they give you this advice.  The most simple reason is that massage therapists are taught to do that in massage school and by virtually all experts in the field.  Therapists know that clients who want to […]


What is Reiki

Reiki healing is life force energy healing.  Another name for energy healing is “biofield energy healing,” and it is based on the philosophy that our health, happiness and vitality are maintained through the free flow of vital life force energy through our bodies. When that flow stagnates, our health and wellbeing also stagnate. Reiki enhances the flow of […]

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