How to Get Your Energy to Work For You

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Each class is crafted to empower, teach and transform students in fundamental ways.  These classes revise negative subconscious beliefs, and even more, students access their own inner wisdom to learn how to experience life in ways that are easier and better.  If you want to embrace life with more confidence that you know how to experience more joy, security and good that life has to offer, feeling lighter, happier and more optimistic, this series is for you.

Students have had 6 classes so far.  This is what they have experienced.

Students have learned:

  • Basic information about life force energy and how it works within the body, mind and emotions;
  • Basic principles of energy healing, including how to connect to Source or Divine energy to create health and empowerment;
  • The energetic dynamics of fear, pain and subconscious beliefs about subjects including wealth, relationships and happiness;
  • The power of positive focus, coupled with Source or Divine energy to reprogram negative thoughts and release old pains;
  • Basic principles of energy work in improving relationships, wealth, happiness, play and authenticity;
  • A powerful grounding technique to open up blocked energy and create a flow of positive life force energy.

Students have experienced the following healing:

  • Releasing the energetic aspects of illness or dysfunction in all parts of their lives, including the past and future;

  • Learning through an energetic connection to Source or Divine energy how to live in wellness;

  • Releasing negative emotions and energies in easy, comforting, deep ways that impact the present, past and future;

  • Learning through a flow of energy how to release negativity from relationships and how to accept positive from your relationships and how to have more happiness, play and authenticity in your life;

  • Filling future relationships with the kinds of good things that the students desire, such as love, joy, passion, excitement, success, etc.;

  • Healing past experiences about wealth, learning how to bring more wealth into your life and filling your future wealth with positive life force energy;

  • Using mental rehearsing techniques to play and have fun;

  • Using color, imagery and intuitive healing techniques to shift from worry and stress to relaxation and calm;

Each class also concludes with students receiving a short 5-10 minute Reiki distant healing.

Students have the opportunity to ask questions at the beginning and end of class or through email, during the week.  

Recordings of each class are available approximately 1 hour after each class has ended.  Students are encouraged to listen to the class recordings a second time during the week to help them build their energy healing skills.  Minimal homework is sometimes requested, such as, “make a list of changes you would like to experience in your relationships “or “decide what improvements you want to make to your wealth.”


You’ve been working harder than ever.  Now it’s time to work smarter.  Learn how your energy, thoughts and beliefs either work on your behalf or block you from the life you want.  In this series of teleseminars, you will find and transform limiting beliefs and energetic patterns that have held you back, sucked your energy and kept you from knowing what you want or how to get it.  Energy healer and Reiki Master, Shari Stevens, will guide you to slow your mind, relax your body and make changes that impact your deepest levels.


Once registered you will receive a teleconference phone number and access code. Class times listed are Central Standard time, so adjust your time for your location. If you miss a class or would like to listen to the class again a recording is available.

  • You will get value from this teleseminar.  You will be given simple tools to evaluate your beliefs, shift your beliefs and learn from your inner wisdom.
  • This is not a lead in to buy other products or services.  You will not be inundated with marketing materials.  If you opt in, you can hear about discounts for other classes or services, but only if you want to know about it.
  • This teleseminar is meant to produce a real world difference in your life.  These 10 weeks of class address many of the foundational areas that hold people back from having the happiness they seek.  While I can't guarantee that by the end of these classes you will be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise, I can guarantee that you will better understand what has held you back, what you can do about it and why changing your energy changes everything.  If you don't agree that you got your money's worth in this class, I will refund your money.


About the Instructor

Shari Stevens is a Reiki Master, Guided Imagery Therapist, Advanced Thetahealing® Practitioner and Licensed Massage Therapist.  She has practiced Reiki for 19 years, taught Reiki for 16 years and studied intuitive energy healing techniques that use the mind's ability to focus and visualize to change the flow of life force energy within the body.  Shari uses her own unique blending of these techniques to help her clients and students make positive change.


Here is an excerpt from one of the classes: