Lean Mindset Teleclass starts January 15th

The Lean Mindset Teleclass

The Lean Mindset Teleclass addresses the way you think in order to help you feel better about finding your lean, optimal weight.  The purpose is to put love and goodness into the process and stop motivating yourself through anger, judgement and so on.  The method is a combination of guided imagery or guided meditation that is often built on principles of energy healing.  So in the class, we will be building inner stories of love and ease, empowerment and positive outcome.  This will give you more than just happy stories to tell yourself.  The purpose is to make real inner change in thinking, feeling, energy and your being.

You might be asking yourself, does this work?  The answer is yes on two accounts.  First, studies show that when you slow your brain activity to a focused state and imagine anything, your mind will not know the difference between the imagined and the real, and it has a strong impact on the body.  In 2004, the journal, Neuropsychologia, reported a study which involved using visualization to build muscles.  Groups  of volunteers were asked to imagine either flexing/abducting a finger or elbow, or to actually do the finger exercise.  A control group was only measured, but did not imagine or do any exercises.  The control group did not change in flexion/abduction power.  The finger abductors who actually did the exercise increased strength by 53%.  Those who only imagined doing the finger exercise increased strength by 35% and those who only imagined flexing their elbows increased strength by 15%.  Take a look at Tony Robins displaying this dynamic in real time:

Your mind and your body are linked.  When you put your mind to work for you, your body will more easily follow.

Second, guided imagery works not only on muscles, but also on weight management.  Studies show that guided imagery helps people manage food cravings, be more motivated to exercise, and lose weight.  It has a positive impact on motivation, especially when the person visualizes the positive outcome.  Guided imagery is being used to enhance sports performance, the performance of surgeons, and even to help workers cope with workplace change.  The key is to motivate yourself by focusing on the outcome you want, not motivate yourself through negative self talk, self punishment or other defeating approaches.

These studies show that your goals are better managed by embracing positive mental simulations than focusing on fear based negative outcomes.  Your mind is always listening and always attempting to mirror the outcomes that you imagine.  It’s time to take charge of your inner simulations and make them work for you.

In week 1, you will be introduced to the image of vitality and power through the visualization of life force energy and light.  Studies show that people who are fatigued and overwhelmed have little to no power to manage food cravings.  The purpose of the imagery in week 1 is to give you imagery to connect up to feelings of calm and imagery of washing away or letting go of mental/emotional stress.  This “hooking up” to energy will help you feel more capable to manage cravings and have energy to exercise.  You will also experience a second imagery that links your consumption of healthy food with the experience of flowing life force energy and a flow of “leanness energy” to you.  Remember, what you imagine need not have a connection to the real world in order to give you a positive outcome.

In week 2, you will explore several approaches to managing food cravings.  First, you will simulate eating foods you crave until your craving is satisfied.  Studies show that cravings drop when a person is mentally satiated by imagined intake of the food they crave.  Second, you will use the technique of body scanning to imagine where, in your inner image of your body, you have feelings, images or beliefs about lack/void and fill that void with love, self esteem and self worth.

In week 3, you will pick an exercise or activity and run a mental simulation of the optimal experience of that exercise experiencing more than enough vitality, ease and joy during the activity.  You will experience a second imagery that focuses on the process “getting going” to activity.  You may visualize changing your clothes or driving to the gym or putting in the DVD or doing pre-activity stretching.  Also, you will experience a third imagery that brings healing and ease to sore muscles.  This imagery can be used before or after actual activity.

In week 4, you will create a new sense of safety in leanness.  In the first imagery, you will surround yourself with self esteem and love, visualizing them as light or energies.  You will watch these energies build a buffer or filter that lets in only good, healthy, positive energy.  In the second imagery, you will experience a mental simulation of having a lean, optimal body and living your life feeling confident and safe.

In week 5, you will use the technique of body scanning to find and heal your drive toward self punishment.  As you use energy healing techniques to ease the negative attitudes, you can also access deeper inner wisdom that guides you in more positive ways.  In a second imagery, you will visualize yourself being flooded with self acceptance and self love while going through your daily life.

In week 6, you will experience two imageries.  In the first, you see and experience self worth as a beautiful light or liquid.  As you are showered by this energy and allow it in, you take the time to experience it, enjoy it and own it.  In the second imagery, you see yourself in a mirror with your optimal, lean body.  You tell yourself that you deserve it and you experience a succession of people who validate this for you in kind and positive ways.  And if there is time, we will experience a bonus imagery that helps you get back on track with your diet without self criticism when you stray from healthy eating.

These inner stories you tell yourself will leak into your daily life.  They will help you make the choices that bring you more joy, more health, more activity and less out of control eating.  I believe there is so much leanness waiting for you.  I am excited to be able to support you in learning how to create it in your life.

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The Lean Mindset Dates: Mondays, January 15-February 19th, 2018, 7:15-8:30
Class Type: Teleclass. Learn from the comfort of your own home. Just call into the conference and take the class on your phone.
Recordings will be available for each class so you can listen multiple times or catch the class at a different time, if you can't make it to a class. 

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