What is Reiki

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Reiki healing is life force energy healing.  Another name for energy healing is “biofield energy healing,” and it is based on the philosophy that our health, happiness and vitality are maintained through the free flow of vital life force energy through our bodies. When that flow stagnates, our health and wellbeing also stagnate. Reiki enhances the flow of life force energy which helps the body, mind and spirit balance. When that balance is achieved, the body and entire system can heal itself. Some people can feel the flow of Reiki. Virtually all recipients of Reiki report that it is very relaxing and enhances their sense of wellbeing.

Spiritual Healing
Reiki relies upon the flow of pure life force energy which, Reiki healers believe, comes from a pure and positive spiritual source that some would call divine love. During the healing, the Reiki healer disengages his or her intentions, allowing the Reiki to flow purely and freely. Reiki also relies upon spiritual intuitive guidance to facilitate the healing in the highest good of the receiver.

Who Benefits from Reiki?
Anyone who wants to feel better, increase their performance at work, at home or at play or who wants to expand their spiritual life can benefit from Reiki. Reiki is a complementary modality. It is never used instead of medical care and it does not replace the need for personal action in any part of life. It facilitates positive growth and change. It will, in most cases, make medical treatments less painful, more successful and easier. Reiki can help improve the quality of life by bringing more vital life force energy to any part of a person or their life, making it easier to take positive action to facilitate goals, feel good and create meaning in life. While Reiki cannot protect us from life’s stresses or prevent bumps along the road, it is a great tool that helps when confronting problems or creating a better life.

Reiki is becoming more popular and used in many areas of life.  We now see Reiki in hospitals, in cancer centers, as part of hospice and as a complementary and alternative medical approaches like chiropractic and massage.  Nonetheless, some segment of the Reiki public uses it’s benefits for other purposes such as sports performance, beauty enhancement, weight loss, and even creativity and writing.  According to Christina Agulara, who uses Reiki for weight loss, Reiki helps her sustain determination.    And, according to Sandra Ballentine, W Magazine contributor, forward-thinking people in places like New York and London are swapping their shrinks for energy healers, Reiki or otherwise

If you want to know what science is finding about Reiki, take a look at the article below.  Reiki is becoming known as a great way to support health and well being at every level.


What is a Reiki Session Like?
In a Reiki session, the practitioner becomes a funnel of life force energy that is transmitted through the palms of their hands. Many people receiving Reiki report warmth from the hands of the practitioner. The receiver is fully clothed, on a massage table. The session begins with a grounding prayer and then the practitioner may hold their hands above the body or lightly rest their hands on the body in areas that correspond with the body’s own natural energy centers. The hands are kept off the body over the chest and hips. A full Reiki session usually lasts about an hour. Shorter or longer sessions are also useful.

Who Can Learn Reiki?
Anyone can learn Reiki, and it is very easy to learn. In one day, anyone can learn how to give Reiki to themselves and to others. Reiki is taught by a Reiki Master, usually in a class format where you will receive a detailed manual to take home, lecture about Reiki and energy healing, a Reiki attunement and plenty of time to practice on yourself and others. This day long class qualifies students as Reiki I Practitioners.

How To Find a Reiki Healer or Teacher
Shari Stevens is a Reiki Practitioner and a Reiki Master who has been practicing and teaching Reiki for over a dozen years. She is also a licenced massage therapist and a guided imagery therapist. Her office is located in Iowa City.  For a list of classes, go to: www.icmassage.net/reiki.

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